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"I can kick your ass, squat your ex, leg press your weight, ...and I'm only 5'1"
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I’m sorry I’ve been so MIA you guys! But I am here and doing well! I’ve been focusing a lot on school and my fitness path. Feel free to talk to me though and say a few:

I will try to be on more but I don’t even know how to treat my blog anymore… I will do my best though! If you want to see me on a more active note, go ahead and follow me on Instagram: @shortneyx3

Peace, Love & Adobo,
- Courtney <3

Every situation you face, that you may think is difficult, can easily be done as long as you try and have the right mindset.

Happy Sunday! Felt a little tall looking today…

I wanna fvck you, but you’re too far.

I really want a boyfriend who is physically fit or at least as active I am. I strive everyday working on a healthier/fit lifestyle that I fell in love with it and finding someone who can understand me on that level without making me feel crazy would be quite nice. 

I want that working out together grind. I want that “go harder, you can do it” love. I want that “don’t forget to take your supps” concern. I want that “yeah that’s my girl” support when I hit a weight goal or a new PR. I want that. 

I grew up overweight my whole life and to find myself in a totally different environment, really amazes me everyday. So having someone who can understand me and continue to be my side giving me that push and support would be absolute bliss to me. 

So yes. A question will always be “do you even lift?”

Let me feel your warmth against my skin like how the sun kisses the land…

I had a fun little shoot with my brother, Chris Sabalburo, this week.
Check out his work for any inquiries:


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Left: take it back to about two years ago and Right: just about 4 nights ago.

That’s what 40lbs down (today!) looks like. That’s what working your ass off 4-5 days a week looks like. That’s what meal prepping looks like. That’s what a high protein and low carb diet looks like. That’s what weight training like one of the guys looks like. That’s what not paying mind to those who talk down on you looks like. That’s what I look like. Thank you to every person that has commended me and supported along the way. Thank you to everyone who criticized and tried hard to put their two cents in, so sure that I had no capability to do what I do/did. Thank you to every person that has asked me for diet advice/workout tips because that right there is what I consider the biggest form of flattery and support. 

I never went on a silly program (not putting down those who are on one, but I believe you don’t need to join one to change your lifestyle). I didn’t hire a personal trainer. I didn’t consult a dietitian. I didn’t miss out on yummy foods. I just did me. I did me the way I thought I should be portrayed.  

If you have any questions about diet and exercise, feel free to ask. And if you want to keep anonymous, feel free to send a message to my fitness tumblr: @shortneyx3fitness - I’m really bad at keeping up to date with it but with this milestone, and with the amount of messages from people inspired by my achievements, I told myself I’d be better about it.

I’m a real life walking example of what working hard looks like (and the fact that I’m not a celebrity, I think you can trust me lol), and I continue to push through it day by day. I’m not a trainer or a nutritionist or anything of the profession. I’m your average girl, living your average life and facing your same problems. I do hope that one day, I am able to take all my knowledge and hopefully put it into a side profession and continue to inspire people during my never ending journey.

Thank you! 
- Courtney

P.S. A 5 gallon water jug is about 40lbs. I lost a whole water jug lmao!

I’m getting real tired of temporary happiness. Real tired of the fact when I take a step back, look at my life and how everything is just going right and painting a beautiful picture - a hole is burned right through the middle.

We are constantly told to create our own happiness. But what do you when you build it and something is constantly knocking it down like a tower of blocks? Sometimes, it’s just natural to feel like giving up is the best option.

I haven’t posted a picture in a while. I pulled a hammie last weekend so I did this week’s leg day with a light, 60lb deadlift.

Ugh, I need to get laid.

Asker Anonymous Asks:
sup i saw your status and how a guy named reimill commented on it. i know that that nigga has a girl so i hope hes joking, because thats fcked up of him for hitting on people like that. tell that nigga for me because im just looking out for his girl, shes hella hurt. thanks and happy vday
shortneyx3 shortneyx3 Said:

Lol who is this? Well I’ve known Reimill for years haha, and if you know Reimill he’s a very humorous guy… And Reimill and I are very jokingly blunt with each other so it really wasn’t a big deal with the comment he made.

People are too quick to judge and should ask the person straight up if they’re concerned. Good, you’re looking out but Reimill is one of nicest guys I know lol so don’t trip chocolate chip.

All I want, is to be happy.

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I’m the type of girl who likes saying, “Daddy.”